The photographic project

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Photography as a tool to raise awareness

As the guardian of a fragment of the present for all eternity, photography is, in essence, a link between the past and the future; a fleeting moment frozen in an image, transporting generations across the ages in search of knowledge and exploration. 

In a world in transition, photography plays an essential role in raising awareness of the environmental cause. It is transformed into a committed art form that provides access to knowledge for as many people as possible. Images are also an invaluable tool for scientists, enabling them to track the evolution of ecosystems and share the fruits of their research.     

As the voice of the ocean, the 1 OCEAN Foundation is committed to exploring, photographing and sharing the secrets of undiscovered worlds. 

Alexis Rosenfeld, photographer of the 1 OCEAN project

"I select a photograph either because I have a story to tell about it, or because it tells a story on its own.A photograph is like a small sample of the past; a moment captured, frozen, at the moment I hear the 'click' ofthe camera. " Photographer, photojournalist and professional diver, Alexis Rosenfeld discovered diving at the age of 8. He never stopped, making the underwater world his universe. For many years, he has traveled the planet to tell the story of the ocean through his photographs.

His career path has enabled him to share in Commander Cousteau's last expedition to Madagascar, to follow a large part of the Comex epic and to take part in exceptional adventures such as the discovery of the wreckage of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's plane. It was after becoming aware of the scale of the environmental crisis and its impact on the ocean that the photographer decided to give a new dimension to his profession.

Alexis Rosenfeld, photographer of the 1 OCEAN project

"A few years ago, I changed my conception of the profession. I was simply a photographer in a fairytale world, until the day I realized that the irreversible existed; that all those words that seemed so far away to me - 'warming', 'acidification', 'global change' - were in fact today's reality, and that my work had to take a more committed path, that I too had a role to play."

Photo exhibitions


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Through its photographic exhibitions, the Foundation conveys the history of the Ocean, its beauty, and the incredible human adventures that take place there every day. The exhibitions also form part of a global ecosystem of cultural mediation, conferences, screenings and virtual reality experiences. 

To make the Ocean accessible to all, the 1 OCEAN Foundation not only exhibits at renowned photography festivals such as Visa pour l'image and the Montier-en-Der Festival, but also in busy public places such as the Gare Saint-Charles in Marseille and the Gare de Lyon in Paris. The Foundation's exhibitions are also exported internationally (Queensland Museum, Brisbane). 

Our exhibitions :

1 OCEAN exhibits in Brisbane

On the initiative of the Association Franco-Australienne pour la Recherche et l'Innovation (AFRAN)*, 1OCEAN travels to Brisbane as part of the World Science Festival 2023. From March 23 to April 23, visitors to the Queensland Museum will be able to discover a series of ten large-format photographs by Alexis Rosenfeld, revealing the wonders of the ocean...

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